The Nexus of Study Discipline and Climate Change Awareness Levels among Undergraduates of Kenyatta University, Kenya

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Umwigama, Belha
Koske, James
Wemali, Everlyn
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International Journal of Environment and Climate Change
Aims: Climate change is an intergenerational challenge likely to impede the realization of Sustainable Development Goals. To combat the effects of climate change requires public understanding of the science behind climate change. Studies however show that the levels of awareness are still low across the world especially in Africa where vulnerability to the effects of climate change is on the rise. There is a need therefore for public education to enhance the relationship between awareness of climate change and study discipline, since awareness is important for effective climate action. This study sought to research on awareness levels of climate variability and change across undergraduate’s study disciplines in Kenyatta University, in Kenya. Place and Duration: The study was conducted in Kenyatta University between the months of November and December 2021. Study Design: A quasi- experimental research design was adopted in which units on environmental education and climate change were considered the treatment variable Methodology: Purposive sampling and stratified random sampling technique were used to select the schools and respondents in various levels of study, respectively. The sample size was 375 students(n=375) which included 177 female and 198 male students drawn from three schools. School of Environmental Studies formed the experimental group, while School of Business and School of Humanities and Social Sciences formed the control group. A questionnaire was administered to participants drawn from each year level within the three schools. Analysis was done using Kruskal Wallis one-way ANOVA. Results: The results revealed a statistically significant difference in the medians of climate change knowledge level across the categories of schools, = 41.138, df =2, P=0.00. Also the distribution of climate change knowledge across the schools varies significantly = 17.968,df=3, P=0.00. School of Environmental Studies exhibited a significantly high level of knowledge and awareness. The three schools were statistically different from each other. Consequently, the null hypothesis of no significant difference in students’ awareness of climate change across disciplines, was rejected. Conclusion: Given that study discipline influences awareness levels of climate change, the university curriculum should be reviewed to incorporate adequate content on climate change across study disciplines in order to enhance capacity for climate action.
Climate variability, climate change, awareness level, climate action, study discipline, level of study
Umwigama, B., Koske, J., & Wemali, E. (2023). The Nexus of Study Discipline and Climate Change Awareness Levels among Undergraduates of Kenyatta University, Kenya. International Journal of Environment and Climate Change, 13(1), 89-98.