Leadership Change Management and Employee Performance in the Parliamentary Service Commission of Kenya

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Jumanne, Andrew Shangarai
Njoroge, Jane
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American Journal of Leadership and Governance
Purpose: Leadership determines whether an organization, a nation or a group will achieve its goals and also satisfy the followers’ needs. This study focused on leadership change management and its influence on employee performance in the parliamentary service commission in Nairobi-Kenya. Methodology: The design of the study was descriptive and stratified sampling methodology was used. The results of this study revealed that a majority of the respondents agreed that ethical leadership practised in the organization increased their focused on employee involvement in strategy formulation and this increased their trust in the organization. Results: The results further showed that majority of departmental heads in the parliamentary service commission practiced participative and a combination of transactional and transformational styles of leadership. Majority of the respondents indicated that most of the leaders practice effective leadership. The study respondents revealed that effective leaders are guided by a leadership philosophy. They also stated that valued-based leadership practice is at the core of effective leadership. Unique contribution to the theory, practice and policy: Based on the results of these findings, the researcher proposed a value-based leadership model and several values that effective leaders ought to possess have been suggested. The conclusion made as a result of this study is that effective leadership is both task and people-oriented
Leadership Change Management, Ethical Leadership, Employee Performance, June 2018
Jumanne, A. S., & Njoroge, J. (2018). Leadership change management and employee performance in the parliamentary service commission of Kenya. American Journal of Leadership and Governance, 3(1), 62-77.