Factors Influencing Impulse Buying in the Supermarkets in Nairobi

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Wanjugi, Edward K.
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Kenyatta University
Impulse buying is seen as unplanned and unintended in-store behaviour. The study attempted to contribute to the understanding of consumer impulse buying behaviour by examining how the use of, in-house promotions, personal selling techniques, displays and branding do influence impulse buying in supermarkets in Nairobi and to what extent. The findings and the recommendations of this research were aimed at providing information to the policy makers and the retail stakeholders on the use of impulse buying in the supermarkets in Nairobi and thus guide them in making more informed decisions. The study specifically aimed at evaluating the effects of in house sales promotion, the extent to which personal selling techniques influences impulse buying, Find how display influences impulse buying and to establish the extent to which branding influence impulse buying. The research adopted a descriptive design. A sample size of 50 Nakumatt smart card holders was selected for the study from the Nakumatt C.B.D outlets, using quota sampling method. This study used primary data and secondary data. Primary data was collected through a structured questionnaire while secondary data was collected from books and news letters. The Data was analyzed using computer software Statistical Package for Social Sciences version 18 and presented using mean, standard deviation, frequencies, and percentages. Inferential statistics was also used to make meaning of the analysis. The data was then presented in tables and graph. The study found that in house sale promotion such gift, coupons and free samples, persona ~ selling, attractive in store display and product branding greatly influence impulse buying. The study recommended the use of efficient communication strategies that make promotional information readily accessible, timely and easy to understand so as to facilitate shoppers to make informed consumer buying decisions. Further study need to be done on the contnbutior. of impulse buying c-i sales revenue and how psychological factors influence impulse buying. The study concluded that, in-house promotions, personal selling techniques, displays and branding do significantly influence impulse buying.
Department of Business Administration, 74pg. November 2012