The impact of voucher training programme on the performance of textile enterprises in Machakos district

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Muia, Morris Mutisya
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Textile sub sector play an important role in employment creation and economic growth. Voucher training programme conducted between the years 1997 and 2001 targeted established entrepreneurs in order to help their enterprises with potential for growth and employment generation. It focused attention on the skills upgrading needs of the SME sector. The objective of the programme was to improve the productivity of SME's and increase the income of entrepreneurs and their employees. This study was aimed at assessing the extent to which knowledge and skills acquired through training had developed entrepreneurs in Machakos District. The methodology which was employed in the research study was comprised of a survey research design. Micro and small enterprise owner manager who were trained in the World Bank voucher training programme were the target population, and a sample of one hundred owner managers were selected from the sample frame using simple random sample selection technique. Data collection was done by using an interview guide (questionnaires) and the questionnaire was pre-tested to test its validity. The collected data was edited, coded and analyzed using descriptive statistical method. Analyzed data was presented using tables, charts and graphs. The overall picture from the study findings was that the enterprises benefited from the skills upgrading. 54% percent of the respondents saw training as an important component to country's development. Sales volume had increased to 45% with an increase of 30% profit. Financial control and business management improved with 60% and business operational strategies with 74%. Conclusions based on study findings on the impact of VTP was that there was a very commendable success in terms of business opportunities, business activities control (75%), financial management and control system(85%) and increase in business assets (45%), Recommendations made in the study were that, 8ME's should be enlightened on the importance and need for training, the government and NGOs should provide financial support for 8ME training and more training programmes in specific areas should be extended to other districts for the purpose of encouraging self employment
Department of Business Administration, 96p. The HD 9940 .K4M8 2005
Textile industry --Kenya --Machakos, Entrepreneurship --Kenya --Machakos, Business enterprises --Kenya --Machakos