Strategies adopted in enhancing learners retention in public secondary schools, in Embakasi District, Kenya

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Nthiga, Nancy
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The introduction of Free Primary Education in 2003 improved the access of basic education to the majority of pupils. More student complete primary education and require advancing to secondary school. Majority of these candidates are from public primary schools which cater for the relatively poor in society and they face challenges to get to secondary schools. Those who make it to secondary school do not complete the full course due to various constraints such as poverty. This proposal seeks to establish the strategies adopted in enhancing learners retention in public secondary schools, in Embakasi district Kenya. The purpose of this study was to determine how parental involvement and learners sponsorship in education has been in enhancing learners‟ retention in secondary schools. The study was guided by three specific objectives: To establish the influence of parental involvement on learners‟ retention in public secondary schools; ii) to establish whether learners‟ sponsorship enhances learner retention in public secondary schools; iii) to establish whether discipline influences learners‟ retention in public secondary schools. Chapter two presents the theoretical and empirical literature. The study was based on the theory of Socialist Economics of Education and the Education Production Function. The study was carried out in Embakasi District Nairobi County. The study adopted both quantitative and qualitative design. The research instruments used were questionnaires. The target population was 1 DEO and 148 public secondary school teachers in Embakasi District, Nairobi County. The DEO and teachers will be selected randomly. One DEO and 75 teachers were used in the study. The data collected was analyzed qualitatively and quantitatively by use of descriptive statistics such as, mean, mode, median and standard deviation. The study found that there was positive support from parents to the school administration,parental support to school disciplinary measures, parents come to school when required, parents contribution to learners activities and parents support of academic needs. Learners are retained in school throughout, learner‟s access to education, students non- expulsion due to school fees, learner‟s ability to meet their educational needs and learner‟s expectations for a bright future. In regard to discipline influence on learner‟s retention, the study found that behaviour problems lead to expulsion, parents did not notify the school administration on learner‟s absenteeism, inconsistent allocation of bursary funds disrupts leaning, and parents support discipline given by school administration and stakeholders‟ ignorance of bursary allocations information. The study conducted multiple regression analysis which showed that the significant factor as learner sponsorship followed by discipline and the least influencing factor to learner retention was parental involvement. The study recommends for student sponsorship through the available schemes, such as the CDF bursary to be increased to support more learners and their educational needs. The study recommends for schools and communities to adopt information and communication techniques to foster participation of all stakeholders. These measures include strengthening the Parent teacher Association incorporating formal and informal interaction between the parties. The study recommends for reinforcement of guidance and counseling services in secondary school as per the Ministry of education recommendations. These will assist in dealing with discipline issues by adopting proactive approaches such as peer counselling and mentorship
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