Gender and career aspirations for librarians in Kenya: a survey of selected libraries

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Gitachu, Rosemary W.
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The survey sets out to examine the career aspirations for male and female librarians in Kenya from a gender perspective. Using the available literature on the topic coupled with information gathered from practicing librarians, heads of selected libraries and library training institutions in the country, the survey discusses the various expectations of male and female librarians in terms of their career achievement and advancement. In the discussions, the survey highlights issues related to equity of opportunities in librarianship, leadership and staffing, and professional growth. The survey establishes that although there is equity of opportunity in training for librarianship and in professional entry qualifications, and despite that there are more women than men in the profession who are equally qualified and with the necessary professional qualifications and work experience, there are gender imbalances in terms of representation in senior library management positions. The survey further establishes that the gender imbalance factor in libraries is related to stereotyped views and attitudes of the individual librarians and heads of library institutions on the role of men and women in librarianship. Such stereotypes tend to marginalize women in libraries. Suggestions and recommendations are made on the various issues raised in the survey and causes of action that need immediate attention of all the professional librarians; heads of libraries and library training institutions; the employers; both men and women for the promotion of gender equity issues in libraries.
Department of Library and Information Science, 91p. The HF 5549.5.C35 G5 1996
Career development -- sex differences, Library personnel management-- Sex differences-- Kenya, Women Libraries, women library science--Kenya