Project Constraints Management and Completion of Constituency Development Fund Projects in Nairobi City County, Kenya

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Kinoti, Mary Kinanu
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Kenyatta University
Due to fundamental flaws in its legal framework, the constituency development funds' implementation is marked by controversies and hostility. For example, the constituency development funds' design discourages integration with current development mechanisms, leading to overlap and, occasionally, double funding. Additionally, the fund is managed in an undemocratic manner with little accountability. Project completion has been delayed as a result of this. Therefore, the purpose of this study was to examine how constituency development fund projects in Nairobi City County were completed and how project constraints were managed. Specifically, the study sought to determine the influence of time, quality, cost, and resource management on the completion of Constituency Development Fund projects. The study was anchored on Crosby's quality theory, the stakeholder theory, and Deming’s theory of total quality management. Both descriptive and explanatory research designs were adopted. The unit of analysis was seven secondary education projects funded through the constituency development funds in Roysambu Sub-County between the years 2015 and 2019. The unit of observation was 84 project management committee members. Because the target group is small, a census was done. To gather primary data, a structured questionnaire was utilized. Utilizing descriptive statistics like means and percentages, the data was examined. The correlation between the independent and dependent variables was ascertained using Pearson correlation and regression analysis. The findings indicated that time management, quality management, cost management, and resource management had a positive and significant influence on completion of Constituency Development Fund projects. The study concluded that prioritization of projects based on their needed enhanced their completion. Timely allocation of resources during project implementation enhanced project success. Lack of quality checks during project implementation delayed project success. Further, regular budget review and regular review of various projects for various projects enhanced project success. The study recommended that the project managers in various constituency projects should ensure that the goals of the projects are set early enough so as to enhance project success. The project managers should ensure they employ qualified quality assurance officers who can be able to do standard quality checks of projects. The study suggested that constituency managers have a clear vision and objectives that place a priority on resource mobilization. Additionally, it is advised that the government constantly make sure to allocate enough funding for the projects in order to improve its completion.
A Research Project Submitted to the School of Business, Economics and Tourism in Partial Fulfilment for the Award of Degree in Master of Business Administration (Project Management) of Kenyatta University, November, 2022
Project Constraints Management, Constituency Development Fund Projects, Nairobi City County, Kenya