Counter-Terrorism Measures and Personal Security in Lamu County, Kenya

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Langat, Peter Kipkemoi
Handa, Stephen
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Terrorism remains a major threat facing several nations of the world. This has compelled nations to implement counter-terrorism measuresto cope with terrorism activities.This study examinedcounter-terrorism measures and its effecton personal security in Lamu, Kenya. The study specifically focusedoncounter-terrorism measures being applied by security agencies to enhance personal security in Lamu County; effects of various counter terrorism measures by security agencies on personal security in Lamu County and to determine the best practices that can enhance the influence of counter terrorism measures on personal security in Lamu County, Kenya. The study wasanchoredon securitization theory. The study adoptedcross sectionalsurvey design. Purposive sampling technique was adopted toselect security agents while Krejcie and Morgan method was used to select general public.The sample size of391 was selected where 380 were general public and 11weresecurity agents. Questionnaires and interview guides were used to collect primary data. Quantitative data was coded into SPSS. Data was presented using tables while content analysis was used in qualitative data. The study foundthat there are various counter-terrorism measures that have been adopted by security agencies on personal security such assurveillance, Nyumba Kumi initiative, increased budget allocation and investigations. Collaboration between the police and the local communityin security matter have resulted in fewer cases of terrorism andreduced cases of youthradicalization.There is increasedtrust level and effective information flow between law enforcement and the community. Human rights practices among security agencies and the communityshould be emphasized in fight against terrorism. The study recommended that it is necessary for the government to increase public understanding of, and engagement in, counter-terrorism tactics and procedures. Government should encourage inter-agency cooperation in the process of putting anti-terrorism strategies and actions into effect. Plans and actions to combat terrorism must maintain and respect human rights in every operation.
Counter Terrorism Measures, Community Policing, Security Agencies
Langat, P. K., & Handa, S. (2023). Counter-terrorism measures and personal security in Lamu County, Kenya. Reviewed Journal of Social Science & Humanities, 4 (1), 124 – 141.