To assess factors affecting effective performance appraisal of staff in Kenya Electricity Generating Company(KENGEN), (case of Mt. Kenya region)

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Kinuthia, Jane Njeri
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Appraisal done badly is a waste of time for everyone involved, when well done it benefits all, thus the need to perfect the practice. The broad objective of the study was to assess factors affecting the effective performance Appraisal in KENGEN Mt Kenya region. The independent variables of this study as reflected in the objective included, Training of appraisers, employee involvement and commitment, and feedback and communication and the use of results. The population of this study comprised 130 management staff of KENGEN Mt Kenya Region, categorised into Executive and Senior standard terms, Standard terms and Standard union. A sample of 30% was preferred and descriptive study design was used. Primary data was gathered using questionnaire, interviews and observation. Secondary data was acquired through reviewing of journals, annual reports and newsletters. Data was analysed qualitatively and quantitatively with assistance of statistical package for social sciences (SPSS). Past literature done in performance appraisal shows that organizations install appraisal, some change them others completely abandon them after a short time, while other battle on with their systems, but recognize that they are ineffective, inadequate or disliked. Effective performance appraisal in KENGEN is affected by supervisor's training and communication, feedback provision and use of results. Most of the objectives of performance appraisal have not been achieved in the current practice. Performance appraisal in KENGEN is therefore not effective. There is need for the organisation to look more closely at the current practice, enact a well-designed and executed performance appraisal system if greater efficiency and effectiveness is to be realised.