A Spatio-Temporal Analysis of Periodic Markets in Nyeri District, Kenya

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Wambugu, Stephen K.
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This paper examines the degree of spatiotemporal synchronization of markets in Nyeri District, Central Province, Kenya. Information on marketplaces and the days on which markets are held was obtained from Nyeri County Council, Nyeri Municipal Council, Karatina Town Council and Othaya Urban Council. Interviews with the market masters and gate fee collectors confirmed this information. The results show that the spatial and temporal location of periodic markets in Nyeri District favours consumers more than itinerant traders. The fact that market meetings are not sequenced in favour of itinerant traders hampers the proper movement of goods from areas of surplus to areas of deficit. In view of the importance of marketplaces for a peasant society, the author recommends the synchronization of market days and the establishment of new marketplaces and market days, together with the establishment of complementary institutions, such as schools, hospitals, and administrative centres, to promote the overall development of the region. Bibliogr., sum.
marketplaces, Economics and Trade
Eastern and Southern African Geographical Journal. Vol 6 (1)