Financing Start-Ups, The Need, Relevance, Facets And Constraints in Kenya Start-Ups Ecosystem

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Nakalembe, Immaculate
Dushime, Joseph
Makuei, Yar
Kwitonda, Albert
Hakizimana, Samuel
Muathe, Stephen
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Human Resource Management Academic Research Society
On daily basis a number of startups are founded all over the world, including in Kenya. However, a few live to celebrate their first birthday. Therefore, this article delves into the financing need, relevance, facets and the constraints facing startups in Kenya. There is evidence that the global financial situation has adversely affected not only the establishment and continuation of enterprises but also innovative incapability to access finance from conventional financial systems. This study was based on desktop review where secondary data was analyzed to ascertain the misapprehension surrounding financing start-ups in Kenya. The findings indicated that there is need for various stakeholders in the startup space to come up with relevance innovative startup financing options to overcome the constraints they experience from the funds provided for the MSMEs and from other conventual financing systems in the country. With proper financing the government can tap on the start uniqueness and ability to scale within a short time and provide solution to the larger unemployment rate in the county
Entrepreneurship, Startup Ecosystem, Startup Financing, Startup Infrastructure, Kenya
Nakalembe, I., Dushime, J., Makuei, Y., Kwitonda, A., Hakizimana, S., & Muathe, S. (2023). Financing Start-ups, the Need, Relevance, Facets and Constraints in Kenya Start-ups Ecosystem. International Journal of Academic Research in Business and Social Sciences, 13(1), 843-857.