Leadership practices and their contribution in influencing employee creativity and innovation in public institutions: A case of public procurement oversight authority

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Gitonga, Mwangi Kahora
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The purpose of this study is to assess leadership practices in public institutions and their contribution in promoting employee creativity and innovation. The specific objectives are to assess whether transformational leadership, organizational culture, transactional leadership and organizational strategic direction as applied in PPOA promote employees' creativity and innovation. Findings from this study could support efforts by PPOA to management to attain the organisation's mandate and thus propel the authority to higher heights in growth and also support PPOA's efforts in formulating remedial policies. To the government, the study could provide relevant information that will help in formulation and implementation of policies that will encourage employees' creativity and innovation in the public institutions in Kenya. This study will add to the current body of knowledge in leadership practices and their contribution in influencing employee Creativity and innovation and further build on the knowledge on the emerging discipline of corporate entrepreneurship (intrapreneurship). Data will be collected using questionnaires that will be administered to a sample population of 78 employees of PPOA and PPD. The data will be analysed and correlated in order to arrive and the appropriate conclusions and recommendations.