An investigation on the effects of organization reforms on employee job satisfaction: the case of prison warders in Kamiti Maximum Prison

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Kahuria, Jeremiah Njuguna
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The aim of this study was to investigate the effects of organization reforms on employee job satisfaction, specifically covering prison warders in Kamiti Maximum Security Prison. In respect to this, some of the key parameters that were looked at included: working conditions, remuneration, leadership styles and career development. The study had both policy and academic significance. The findings are expected to assist policy makers, stakeholders and decision-makers in designing support mechanisms and formulate laws which will improve the working conditions and welfare of the warders. Scholars may also use these findings to identify new areas of research and add to the pool of knowledge. The target population consisted of both male and female warders and descriptive research design was adopted as the method of data collection. For accurate representation of the entire population of 622 warders, stratified random sampling technique was used so as to have accurate representation of both categories of the population. Selection of the sample from each category was done using simple random sampling. A questionnaire was the key instrument for data collection and it was administered personally. Completed instruments were assembled, edited, coded and interpreted in relation to research objectives. Data analysis was done using descriptive statistics for quantitative data and content analysis for qualitative data and the results thereof were presented using tables, charts and graphs. The study established that majority of the prison warders in KMSP were men, aged between 26-30 years, literate and had served the department for considerable period of time and therefore considered experienced and abreast with prison practices and procedures. However, it was concluded that, despite the much envisaged prison reforms (Madoka, 2008), Prison warders are still a dissatisfied lot with their job in relation to Working Conditions, Remuneration, and Career Development opportunities. However it was established that with the prison reforms the -supply of uniform for Prison warders, promptness with which salary was paid and the opportunity for further education for prison warders had greatly improved and the end result was job satisfaction among prison warders. Prison warders suggested that, if the prison reforms are to have effect in their job satisfaction their salaries and allowances should be reviewed regularly to much the ever rising inflation rates, there should be vetting of prison leaders before appointment to any substantive post and that working conditions should be improved by ensuring proper housing is provided and practicing of job rotation to shun favouritism at the work place. To effectively address the issue concerned with job satisfaction and dissatisfaction among prison warders in Kenya, intervention by the concerned ministry to develop suitable job motivational approaches, review of the remuneration systems and harmonize them with those of other civil servants, provide avenues and policies for career development was highly recommended by the researcher.
Department of Business Administration,84p.The HF 5549.5 .J63K3 2011
Job satisfaction --Kenya, Organizational change --Kenya