Factors influence adoptions of competitive strategies in state corporation in Kenya: a case of Kenya Wildlife Services

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Kassam, Daniel Kariuki
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The objective of this study was to establish the factors influencing adoptions of success strategies in States Corporation in KWS. The researcher determined whether technology in use, organization structures, leadership styles, training of staff and availability of resources influences adoption of success strategies in the organization. The findings of the study will assist in management of State Corporation while the government will use the findings to craft optimal state corporations policies besides additions of such findings to a pool of existing knowledge. Some of the limitations of study included use of sample population other than the whole population leading to generalization of such findings. The target population of the study was 309 Managers. Stratified sampling technique was used to get a sample size of 31 sample units from the three stratums i.e senior level managers, middle level managers and lower level managers. Out of 31 questionnaires sent 24 managers responded translating to 77.4% response rate .The data was analyzed using descriptive statistics. It was established that KWS has been relying on use of current technology, organization structures, leadership styles, training of staff and availability of resources on adoption of competitive strategies, with the Availability and allocation of resources playing the biggest role followed by training of staff. The study recommended that KWS needs to embrace ICT fully in all department especially removal of paper tickets in some of the parks still using them, Human resource department should ensure staff cohesiveness and teamwork by holding regular meetings and involving the staff in bonding activities. Policies that will nurture organization cultures that encourage staff cohesiveness and teamwork in the organization should be encouraged, focus the organization's operations on profitability through diversifications to other products, this will ensure availability and allocation of resources, focus on succession plan for every department, further the management should focus on employee training to improve their skills.
Department of Business Administration,72p.The HD 30.28 .K3 2011