A Meta-Analysis of User Perception and Use of Online Digital Platforms in Kenya: Evidence from E-citizen Platform, Kenya

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Mutuku, Morrisson Kaunda
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Khalsa Publications, Punjab, India.
This paper sought to establish the effect of user perception on use of online digital platforms in Kenya with evidence from e-citizen platform in Kenya. This paper conducted desktop analysis of published papers on user perceptions and adoption of e-citizen platforms in Kenya. The results revealed that user perception has a significant effect on adoption and use of online digital platforms. The findings further showed that in various ways that user perceptions especially on digital platforms security and privacy, usefulness, ease of use, complexity, speed, efficiency and affordability among others significantly influenced the adoption and use of ecitizen platforms in Kenya. There is need for awareness campaigns among the target users. Because of various experiences the user have had with other online platforms, implementers of new platforms have a role to play in changing the use perceptions that targeted user may have due to previous interactions. The increase in the cases of cyber-crimes where malicious people have access to people personal data has eroded many people confidence and trust in the online platforms, hence it is a responsibility of the government to guarantee users of these online platforms of their security and privacy to increase adoption and use.
A research paper in International Journal of Management & Information Technology Vol 15 (2020) ISSN: 2278-5612
User Perception Digital Platforms, E-citizen, Kenya Introduction
Mutuku, Morrisson. (2020). A Meta-Analysis of User Perception and Use of Online Digital Platforms in Kenya: Evidence from E- citizen Platform, Kenya. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MANAGEMENT & INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY. 15. 10.24297/ijmit.v15i.8721.