Command Restructuring and Performance among Police Officers in Lamu County, Kenya

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Linturi, Thuranira Mark
Muna, Wilson
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African Journal of Emerging Issues
Purpose: Several studies on police reforms have established that there is ineffectiveness in terms of performance among police officers. Ineffectiveness in police performance has been a major problem among many policing organizations the world over. This study sought to establish the effects of the command restructuring on the performance of police officers. Methodology: A descriptive research design was adopted. Qualitative and quantitative techniques of data analysis were used. Findings: The study established that command structure has a positive and significant relationship with the performance of police officers. This was supported by a correlation value of .317, p<.01. The results imply that a single unit change in the command structure results in .317 increases in the performance of police officers. Conclusions and Recommendation: The study concluded that despite the reorganization of the National Police Service command structure ineffectiveness in performance by police officers still exist. It, therefore, recommended amendment of the existing laws to allow further restructuring of National Police Service command structure.
A research article published in African Journal of Emerging Issues
Command Restructuring, Performance, Police Officers
Linturi, T. M., & Muna, W. (2021). COMMAND RESTRUCTURING AND PERFORMANCE AMONG POLICE OFFICERS IN LAMU COUNTY, KENYA. African Journal of Emerging Issues, 3(1), 129-148. Retrieved from