Attitudes of students toward studying history and government in some selected secondary schools in Mosocho Division, Kisii County. Kenya

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Nyamwembe, Eric Osoro
Ondigi, S. R.
Kiio, Mueni
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The purpose of this study was to investigate students’ attitudes towards studying History and Government in selected secondary schools of Mosocho division, Kisii County The study was conducted in both purposively and simple random sampled private and public secondary schools in Mosocho division, Kisii County. Mosocho division was purposively chosen because it was the only division in the District that is comprised of categories chosen by the researcher. The target population was form two (2) students and their respective History and Government teachers. Data were collected using teachers and students questionnaires. The teachers’ questionnaire comprised of both open ended and closed items. The students’ questionnaire used a 5 point-likert scale ranging from strongly agree to strongly disagree. The data collected was analyzed by use of descriptive statistics and presented with the aid of tables, percentage and, graphs. From the analyzed data major discussions were made and reported. Most of the students were found to be having negative attitude towards studying History and Government and Heuristic strategies of teaching were suggested and many other more
Research paper
Expository, Heuristic, Attitudes, Teaching Methodology
Journal of Education and Practice Vol.4, No.11, 2013