Information Systems Implementation and Performance of Floricultural Firms in Nairobi Metropolitan, Kenya

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Mulei, Joseph Nthenge
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Kenyatta University
Floricultural sector in Kenya has been a key contributor to the economic growth though it has not performed optimally as compared to other global floricultural firms. Floricultural farming was introduced in Kenya by Europeans in 1960s. The demand for the Kenyan floricultural sector products has increased and this has made the local farmers to join the sector. From the literature, it is evident that the performance of this sector was not doing well due to failure on implementation of information’s systems which could help in cutting down the cost of operation. The performance of floricultural firms can be significantly improved through an Information system that supports long-term improvements in terms of productivity, firm efficiency, and effectiveness. The specific goal of this study was to determine the information systems implementation factors, and floricultural firms’ performance in Nairobi metropolitan. In order make a clear, consistent outcome in this study, the researcher used the Technology Acceptance Model and Diffusion of innovative. Additionally, empirical literature was used in this study to exemplify the need. The Study utilized a descriptive research design. Additionally, stratified random sampling was utilized in selecting firms from the sample size of 170 floricultural firms. The study narrowed down to 51 firms. The researcher collected primary data using structured questionnaire, which were distributed to the selected sample size. The list of the flowers firms was obtained from the Kenya flower council (KFC) website which a Kenyan certification for flower firms in Kenya. The target population comprised 51 floricultural firms of the total population in Nairobi Metropolitan.Data analysis included quantitative techniques for this research performed using multiple regression and descriptive analysis. The study results indicates that most of the floricultural firm’s management level was mainly male dominated. The study concluded most respondents agreed that top management should allocate enough financial resources select the best vendors who are involved in implementation of the outsourced information systems. Additionally, organization structure was not composed of the information systems expert and should be emphasized when implementing information systems to enable the firms to optimize the performance as majority of the respondent agreed that this was not the case. Majority of the respondent were neutral about the contribution of the technology infrastructure to the performance of the firm. Information systems security plays a critical role in all sectors and as such, floricultural sector should also ensure that their information system security is guaranteed as majority of the respondents agreed that a single breach of information security could affect the performance of the firm. The multiple linear regression analysis results showed that Information system security and top management support to be the significant factors respectively, while organization structure and technology infrastructure were not significant respectively. From the results the researcher concludes that the top management should support training and provision of the required financial support to be the most important aspect driving the performance of the floricultural sector. Moreover, Information systems security training should be emphasized and provide the required skilled workforce in managing the IS security. The study further recommends that for performance of the floricultural firms to remain competitive, the management should consider supporting the training of information’s systems and security of the systems.
A Study Project Submitted to the Business School in Incomplete Fulfillment for the Award of the Master’s Degree in Business Administrations (Management Information Systems) Of Kenyatta University, April, 2022 April 2022
Information Systems Implementation, Performance of Floricultural Firms, Nairobi Metropolitan, Kenya