An investigation of factors affecting motivation of teachers in public secondary schools. A case study of Nakuru Municipality

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Ng'etich, Cecilia Chelangat
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This study sought to establish whether schools have a motivational policy, and how the policy is being implemented. It also investigated the factors that mostly affect the motivation of teachers, from which the findings and conclusions were recommended to be used by institutions so as to have a motivated teaching force. The findings will also be very useful to the Ministry of Education Science and technology (MOEST), who are responsible for ensuring that the curriculum is implemented to the expected standards. It will also absolve, the teachers in regard to poor performance. In this descriptive research study, the factors affecting motivation formed the independent variables while motivation of teachers was the dependent variable. Data was collected using a questionnaire which was developed by the researcher and descriptive and inferential statistics were used to analyze the data, with the aid of the Statistical Package for Social Science (SPSS). The study was carried out in Nakuru municipality and the target population was teachers in the sixteen public secondary schools within the municipality. The researcher used simple random sampling to pick 50% of teachers in each school to be the sample frame (respondents), which was used as a representative of the population.
Department of Business Administration, 58p. The HF 5549.5 .M63N44 2005
Motivation(personnel Management) --Kenya--Nakuru Municipality, Teachers --Personnel Management --Kenya--Nakuru Municipality