Assessment of the Role of Continuous Training and Development of Secondary Schools' Teachers: a Case of Meru South District

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Kinyua, Timothy Nyaga
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The purpose of this study was to assess the impact of continuous training and development of teachers in secondary schools' performance. Continuous training is the whole range of activities through which teachers can extend their personal education, develop their professional competence and improve their understanding of educational principle and techniques. The study explored the role of this continuous training and development. A total of ninety six (96) teachers teaching in public secondary schools were interviewed. This was about half of the total population of sciences and mathematics teachers in secondary schools in the district hence produced a good representation of the total population whose results were generalized in the entire country. The methods which were used to obtain the data were questionnaires comprised of closed-ended questions with minimal open-ended type of questions. Data was analyzed using frequency tables and presented using bar graphs, pie charts and line-graphs.
Department of Business Administration, 76p. The LB 1731 .K48 2006
Teachers --In service training