Factors affecting training needs among teachers: a case of secondary school teachers in Kasarani District of Nairobi Province

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Muthee, Obed Felix
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The rapid economical and technological changes in the world today have drastically changed the nature of work and organizations. Skills and knowledge that employees need are rapidly changing. As a result employees are increasingly being aware of their own training needs for both the organization requirements and their own long-term development. There are several factors that affect training needs among employees. Some of the factors are technological and economical changes, promotion, peer influence, job security, dissatisfaction with current job and many others. The general objective of this study was to determine factors that affect training needs among secondary school teachers. The study used descriptive research method. Stratified random sampling was used to select three public and fifteen private schools in Kasarani District of Nairobi Province, making a total of eighteen secondary schools. From the schools selected, 170 teachers were selected using simple random sampling. The data collection instrument was questionnaire. The data obtained from the questionnaires was analyzed using simple descriptive statistics such as percentages, frequencies, mean, graphs and pie charts among others. This was with the help of a statistical package for social scientists (SPSS). The results of the study revealed that educational and technological changes had the greatest influence on the need for training among secondary school teachers. The study also revealed that legal and educational policy changes, promotion, job security and personal interest had great influence on the need for training among teachers. Other factors which seemed to have an influence on the training needs among teachers were desire for career change, job dissatisfaction, educational factors, peer pressure, changes in the economy, the gender and age of the teacher. The study further revealed that retirement benefits and values! attitudes of the society did not seem to have any influence on the need for training among secondary school teachers. The study recommended that the employer of the teachers (TSC) should establish more training programs for promotion of the teachers and teacher training institutions should update their teacher training programs in line with the present educational and technological changes in order to offer relevant training.
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