An evaluation of enterprise resource planning systems implementation experiences for selected Public Universities in Kenya

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Ndung'u, Patrick W.
Kyalo, Joseph K.
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Implementation of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Systems has found widespread usage in large and mid-sized institutions worldwide. There has been a rapid increase in implementation of these systems in management and administration of institutions of higher learning. To establish the implementation experience in public universities in Kenya, the research study has used the Diffusion of Innovations Theory and the Information Systems Success Model. The study was carried out on evaluation of implemented integrated enterprise resource planning systems in selected public universities in Kenya. The study sought to investigate existing implementation of enterprise resource planning systems in public university management in Kenya and how they have influenced automation efforts in these institutions. Various challenges are evaluated on the ease of use of integrated systems in administration and management of public universities. Recommendations are drawn on probable ways of utilizing the enterprise systems not only to overcome existing management challenges but also improve service delivery in line with respective institutional strategic objectives. From the findings of the study, most of the implementation projects had been abandoned or stalled altogether. Challenges associated with institutional connectivity and limited skilled expertise to drive the implementation processes were highlighted as leading influencers of implementation processes in respective public universities. The study recommends increased investments towards improvement in institutional connectivity, blending of internal and external skilled expertise to drive implementation initiatives and regular contribution of implementation experiences in internal and external seminars for future studies and contribution to the body of knowledge.
Research paper
ERP Systems, Integrated Information Systems, Implementation Processes, Strategic Objectives, Management Challenges, Skilled Expertise
International Journal of Scientific Research and Innovative Technology, Vol. 2 February 2015