Corporate social responsibility activities in the sugar industry in Kenya

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Obulo, George
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Corporate Social responsibility is a recent development in business. The aim is to balance the profits and the social objectives set by each business venture. Today its necessary that each business should continuously balance objectives without allowing any conflict to arise between the business and the society at large. Therefore the main problem is identification and implementation of the C.S.R activities within the sugar companies to make them socially responsible to the society. The main objectives of the study is to assess the role of corporate social responsibilities in the performance of the organization especially sugar firms in Kenya. A case of Mumias, Sony, and Chemilil Sugar Company limited in, Butere Mumias, Migori and Nyando Districts in Western and Nyanza provinces respectively. A descriptive cross-sectional survey design will be adopted to conduct the study. It is relevant because it is used to obtain pertinent and precise information concerning the status of the phenomenon and whenever possible to draw valid conclusions from the facts. Descriptive statistical methods will be used to analyze the coded data. They include Central tendency, frequency distribution and percentages. A total of 153 people will be used as a sample. The study will focus on Sugar company's top, middle and lower cadre managers. The data will be collected using questionnaires; tabulated and analyzed findings of the study will shed light on how corporate social responsibilities programs are chosen in the firms, besides finding out which activities are being practiced by the firms. It will also identify programs in place and indicators of an effective corporate social responsibility to the firms. The research will seek to come out with ways of improving corporate social responsibilities in the organizations.
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Sugar trade--Kenya