Analysis of Determinants of M-Commerce Adoption by Online Consumers

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Gitau, L.
Nzuki, D. M.
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Center for Promoting Ideas, USA
M-Commerce is the making of payments for products and services through the use of mobile devices. The proliferation of mobile devices has resulted to into substantial growth of M-commerce. This is as a result of anytime anywhere connectivity, low cost of business, increased new sales avenues and customer loyalty. But even with the high penetration rate of Mobile phones, a relatively low adoption rate of M-Commerce has been observed in the developing countries. This study provides the theoretical underpinning for various interventions to promote M-Commerce Adoption. The study uses the literature review to identify the factors which influence the adoption of M-Commerce by consumers. The results from this study will be useful to m-commerce companies in formulating appropriate marketing strategies, as well as developing appropriate applications that address the needs and resources of various stakeholders. The outcome of this study will guide companies that offer MCommerce related products in the selection of digital products and in pursuance of future commercial opportunities. The finding of this study recommends that the government should set up legislation that would ensure customer security in order to enhance trust and hence enhance M-Commerce adoption.
Mobile commerce, adoption, Technology Acceptance Model (TAM), Consumer Intention to Use(IU), Perceived Ease of Use (PEOU), Perceived Use (PU)
International Journal of Business, Humanities and Technology Vol. 4, No. 3; May 2014