Employees Turnover and Performance in Nyeri County Government; Kenya

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Thuita, Martha Gachambi
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Employees' turnover poses a recurrent challenge to most business organization globally. There is virtually no organization that is immune to employees' turnover; be its small size or big size organizations; they are all exposed to employees' turnover. Although it may not be feasible for any organization to totally eliminate employees' turnover due to various reasons, nevertheless it could be reduced to the barest minimum. For any organization to run and actualize its objectives there is a need for employees who would drive the processes of the organization. Ideally, an employee in an organization is expected to continuously render productive service to the organization and remain in that organization until retirement. However, in reality, Nyeri County Government has been experiencing employees turnover of employees who are knowledgeable and competent leading to poor performance. This study aimed at investigating employees turnover and organization performance in County Government of Nyeri. The objectives of the study were; to determine the effect of voluntary, involuntary, functional and dysfunctional employyes turnover on the performance of Nyeri County Government. The study was guided by the Expectancy theory, Hertzberg’s two factor model theory and Equity theory.. The target population focused on all the employees of County Government of Nyeri. The study adopted a descriptive survey research design. It used a sample size of 74 employees. The sample size was obtained using stratified random sampling whereby the strata represented the levels of management which are top-level management, middle-level management, and lower level management. Then the sample from each stratum was obtained using random sampling. The instruments used in the study were questionnaires. Semi-structured questionnaires were developed.A pilot study was conducted to help establish content validity and reliability of the instrument. The data collected was analyzed by inferential Statistics and descriptive statistics. After analyzing data it was found that voluntary, involuntary, functional and dysfunctional labour turnovers had a significant effect on performance of the Nyeri County Government. The finding of the study was that labour turnover rampant in the county making the county to perform poorly. Recommendation of the study was that the County should ensure it retains its employees since they have more knowledgeable and competent. The governor office should give due recognition to its internal employees when there are new positions within the County. Individuals should also receive regular, timely feedback on how they are doing and should feel they are being adequately challenged in their jobs. Suggestions for further research were that the study should focus on all counties in Kenya since Nyeri is narrow.
Research Project Submitted In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirement for the Award of Masters of Business Administration, School of Business (Human Resource Management) of Kenyatta University. NOVEMBER , 2018