Factors influencing training and development of teachers in Kenya : a case of Teachers Service Commission Secondary School teachers in Chepalungu Constituency

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Korir, M. C.
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The purpose of this research study was to investigate the factors that affect training and development of TSC secondary school teachers in Kenya but the focus was Chepalungu Constituency in Bomet District. In Kenya the issue of quality of teachers as important human resources in the learning institutions had been given attention and addressed through various in-service training programmes by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology and other stakeholders. This was one way of improving the quality of teachers so that they can improve the delivery of quality teaching and thus improve the quality of education. However, there were challenges facing the training and development of teachers in Kenya. Therefore this research study will investigate some of the factors that affect the training and development of teachers in Chepalungu Constituency. It investigated out how training policies, training budget allocation, training needs assessment, relevant training courses available and linkages with local universities and other institutions of higher learning affect the training and development of teachers. The target population were TSC teachers in public secondary schools in Kenya. The main focus was Chepalungu constituency of Bomet District, which has a total of 21 public secondary schools and 176 TSC teachers. A sample of 20% of the schools were considered and a sample of 54 teachers from sampled schools. Data was collected using questionnaire and interview method. Secondary data was used to obtain information on specific issues from the district education and TSC unit. Data collected was analyzed using descriptive statistics in form of frequency distribution tables, percentages, pie charts and computer packages like Excel and statistical packages for social sciences (SPSS).
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