Coordination of Security Activities and Performance among Police Officers in Lamu County, Kenya

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Thuranira, Mark Linturi
Muna, Wilson
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Ineffectiveness in police performance has been a major problem among many policing organizations the world over. Inadequacies in the organizational structure can damage workers and their efficiency, which in turn affects the performance of the organization. This study aimed to determine the effect of coordination of security activities on performance of police officers in Kenya. The descriptive research design was adopted. The findings indicated that coordination of security activities had a positive and significant relationship with performance of police officers (r=.571, P=.000). This implied that performance of police officers increases as the coordination of security activities advances. The study concluded that there is a lack of effective leadership to enable coordination of security activities while some commanders are not satisfactorily equipped with knowledge on emerging security challenges. It was recommended that the National Government to put up multi-agency operation centers in every County to help in the Coordination of Security Activities.
An Article Published in Journal of Public Policy & Governance
Coordination of Security Activities, Performance, Police Officers
Linturi, T. M., & Muna, W. (2021). Coordination of security activities and performance among police officers in Lamu County, Kenya. Journal of Public Policy and Governance, 1(1), 1-9.