A Survey of the Strategies Used by Primary School Headteachers in Handling Problems in Hamisi Division of Kakamega District, Western Province

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Amadalo, M. M.
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Kenyatta University
A survey of the strategies used by primary school headteachers in handling problems in Hamisi Division of Kakamega District Western Province. The purpose. of this study was to explore the methods and ,strategies developed and used by headteachers in handling school administrative problems, The intricacies, the schemings, lobbyings that enable the headteacher to tackle novel problems and keep the school afloat, CL.'1thdus provide a good education to children entrusted to his care. Modes of delegation; criteria of choice of whom what is delegated to was also explored. A group of headteachers was selected at the AID I s office and targeted for study. A questionnaire was issued to this group personally. This was supported by a folIow up Irrterview to try and clarify some of the issues that were not very clear. The findings were again collected personally as per the arrangement prior- made with ,the respondents. The researcher was limited by' time allocated to this study. A period of 11 weeks did not allow enough duration for a more elaborate study. Funds were another source of limitation. The three thousand fixed rate that was allowed for this study was not -even enough for the report as it is, let alone attempting a study that could have been more elaborate and extensive. The nature of the project too caused a further limitation. It was expressly stated that the study was only equivalent to a three hour paper hence it should meet that condition. Most headteachers could not choose the right steps to be Employed during Problem Solving process. Even for those who could pick these steps rot the right order was not observed. Sex and qualification did not seem to affect the strategies developed by the headteachers to solve problems. It seemed that experience and age of a headteacher had a lot to do with what, steps a headteacher could take to solve an administrative problem. All headteachers delegate to some extend, There is a tendency to delegate only to the deputy headteacher. 'The researcher formed the opinion that when there is delegation, all members of the school, both teaching and non-teaching should be involved. Each should be given a chance in an area he/she is most suited. Most headteachers spent a lot of time on problems they judge as simple, but do not find enough time to deal with those problems which are judged to be difficult. Recommendations: 1. On-going in service courses for primary school headteachers should be expanded and updated so as to cater for new problems which have started to assume a much bigger magnitude than traditional financial problems, such problems include public relations and personnel management. These could be incorporated, in Kenya Educational Staff Institute Programmes. 2. All teachers need to be exposed to the role of the headteacher 'during their preservice training. Great emphasis should be placed on problem solving technique. 3. There should be created a headteacher forum at the primary Level In which Lectures, attendances and exchanges are made by the headmasters especially regarding problem solving technique. This could start at local levels with identified experienced teachers taking the initiative, but could be expanded to zonal and even divisional levels. 4.The post of School Clerk should be made compulsory in all primary schools, Such clerks when employed should be well versed in accounting, finance and public relations.
Master of Education (Primary Teacher Education), 99pg. 1986, LB 3013 .M8