.Effects of human capital development on headteachers performance in public primary schools: a survey of primary schools in Kisumu municipality.

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Omwendo, Juma Khamala
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Within the complex operations of schools in the 215t century the head teacher plays a very important role in bringing about school improvement and effectiveness hence improved performance. Increased interest in leadership training and management and development is based on the fact that school leaders can make a difference in both effectiveness and efficiency of schooling Hallinger et al (2008).This Study looked at how various human capital development influenced head teachers performance, the aim of the study was to determine the extent to which human capital development variables such as training in general management skills, leadership styles, prudent financial management and career development can enhance performance of head teachers. The Study employed a descriptive design gathering primary data from head teachers from a representative sample of schools within Kisumu municipality, Kisumu County using a self-administered questionnaire. Key findings indicated that there is a positive and significant effect on career development, improved managerial skills, relevant leadership styles and specific training in financial management with improved performance in schools. The Study recommends that in order, therefore to improve quality of education; it is imperative that the ministry of education conducts a needs assessment on skill gaps and built capacity gaps so as to improve the overall performance of head teachers. This will in turn lead to improved performance in schools.
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