Performance management practices and performance of teachers in public primary and secondary schools, Wajir County, Kenya

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Hussein, Ugas Ali
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Kenyatta university
Performance management practices are crucial for organizations such as Teachers Service Commission (TSC) to enhance improvement. However, performance in Teachers Service Commission has suffered decline occasioned by non-achievement of set targets and inefficiencies, non-compliances to the policy guidelines, noncompliance to the service charter and slow process of automation of core function. An attempt to enhance performance of employees of Teachers Service Commission birthed reforms that encompassed interventions such as performance management practices. While significant evidence of performance management practice and performance at various organisational levels has been registered in literature across contexts, such evidence is scant and remains anecdotal in the context of institution like Teachers Service Commission in Kenya. This study, therefore, examined the general effect of performance management practices of Teachers Service Commission in Wajir County, Kenya. Specifically the study sought objectives which included: to determine the significant effect of performance management training,multisource feedback, employee recognition, and goal setting on employee performance in wajir County, Kenya. These objectives were guided using relevant theories. The study research design adopted both descriptive and explanatory designs. The population of the study was 2,034 personnel in the service of Teachers Service Commission in 8 sub-counties in Wajir County in Kenya. Using a Yamane statistics for proportion the population was sampled down to 334 participant selected using stratified sampling technique. A selfadministered questionnaire, was used employing the pick and drop procedure and a Statistical Package for Social Science was used as a tool for analysing the collected data. To describe,draw conclusion and establish relationship, the study used both descriptive and inferential analysis. Both tables and graphs were used to the results of the analysis were presented. Ethical consideration governing research studies were adhered to in this study.Multiple regression model and the formulated hypothesses was test to investigate the significant effect at 0.05 level of confidence. The results of the composite construct of performance management practices had a significant effect on employee of the teachers service commission in Wajir County. Kenya.The study findings further showed that performance management training,multisource feedback, employee recognition and goal setting as latent variables were significant on teachers service commission in Wajir County, Kenya, but employee recognition and goal setting as latent variable investigated were found to be insignificant.Therefore drawing from study result conclude that the teachers service commission and academics can relay on the study findings to understand the perceived perfornmance management practices
A research project submitted to the school of busniess, economics and tourism in partial fulfillment of the requirement for the award of the degree of masters in business administration (Human Resource Management) Kenyatta University. November, 2022
Performance management, performance, teachers, public schools, Wajir County, Kenya