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    Management Fibrillation and its influence on Results-Based Management in Kenya’s Public Sector
    (2015-03-02) Minja, David
    Fibrillation is a medical term that describes a condition in the heart where the muscle fibers contract rapidly at their own pace and not in coordination with other muscle fibers. As a result, the amount of blood pumped to the body is reduced. The body experiences a lot of heart activity but reduced heart output. This paper borrows this medical term to describe a phenomenon that exists in many organizations which inhibits superior performance. Many organizations are in the same state as the heart with respect to the practice of results-based management. There are lots of activities going on in the organization but minimal results by way of outputs, outcomes and impact. The best of such organizations only come up with outputs- the results of an activity. These outputs are not the end products for the user but simply a step along the results chain. The author conducted a survey of over one hundred middle-level managers working in public sector agencies. The responses were analyzed using content analysis and classified into ten thematic areas that were seen to be causing management and organizational fibrillation. On the basis of issues identified, several strategies have been proposed to help organizations deal with management and organizational fibrillation.