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    Tourism Chinese in Kenya manual script
    (Oxford University Press, Nairobi, 2014) Jia, Bingbo; Xu, Xiu; Li, Shuo; Liu, Liming; Lu, Ming; Njoroge, Martin C.
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    Tourism Chinese in Kenya a practical guide
    (Oxford University Press, Nairobi, 2014) Njoroge, Martin C.; JIA, Bing B; XU, XI; LI, SHUO; LIU, LIMING; LU, MING
    With increasing globalization, facilitated by the widespread use of Information Communication and Technology and the internet, languages and cultures which were hitherto of little concern to the global community are now becoming important. The increased international trade and investments as a result of globalization has necessitated the learning of major languages of the world such as Japanese and Chinese. Chinese, for example, is one of these major languages and more and more Kenyans are learning the language especially through the establishment of Confucius Institutes. Further, Chinese is being taught in a number of schools and colleges especially those offering courses in tourism. This important trend is informed by the great role that China plays in the various sectors of Kenya’s economic development including education, medical research, cultural activities, trade diplomacy and tourism. Tourism is of great importance in Kenya as it is one of the greatest sources of foreign exchange. Further, China is an important source of tourists who visit Kenya annually and most of these tourists do not speak much English and may face some language and cultural barriers during their stay in Kenya. A book that may enhance bridging of the language and cultural gap is timely hence the proposal to publish a book on tourism Chinese
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    A unified orthography for bantu language of Kenya
    (CASAS, 2012) Njoroge, Martin C.
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    spot on writing skills for secondary schools
    (2014-06-12) Njoroge, Martin C.