Influence of Selected Job Factors on Job Satisfaction of Deputy Principals in Public Secondary Schools in Tana River County, Kenya

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Muthoni, Mercy
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Kenyatta University
Tana River being an Arid and Semi-Arid Land region has its own unique issues on the work force. The deputy principals work in this unique environment compared to their counterparts working in urban and other geographical regions. The purpose of this study was to determine the influence of remuneration, working conditions, promotion procedures and recognition on deputy principals’ job satisfaction in public secondary schools in Tana River County. The main objectives for this study were to establish the influence of remuneration on the job satisfaction; to evaluate the influence of working conditions on the job satisfaction; to assess the influence of promotion policies on the job satisfaction and to establish the influence of recognition on the job satisfaction of deputy principals in public secondary schools in Tana River County. Herzberg’s two factor theory guided this study. The target population consisted of 33 deputy principals and 3 TSC Sub-County Directors. Descriptive survey design and mixed research method approach was adopted in this research to gather both qualitative and quantitative data. Questionnaire and interview schedule were used to collect data. Stratified random sampling was used in selecting the 3 deputy principals for the pilot study and the 30 deputies were selected purposively for the main study. The 3 TSC Sub- County Director were included in the study. Supervisors vetting was used to ascertain face and content validity. Questionnaire and the interview schedule was piloted on a sample of 1% to test the efficacy of the research instruments. Reliability was ascertained by use of Cronbach alpha coefficient. Piloting of research instruments was conducted in three public secondary schools. The quantitative data obtained were subjected to descriptive statistics analysis. The statistical package of social sciences (SPSS version 22) was used to generate Frequency and percentages. Tables and graphs were used in data presentation Qualitative data were analyzed thematically by use of reported statements. The study findings revealed that deputy principals were dissatisfied with the pay package. Less than half were satisfied with physical facilities in their schools and security in their environment however they were generally dissatisfied with transport facilities. Half were satisfied with promotion policies with reference to fairness in promotion, promotion policies, current career guidelines and chances for future promotion. More than half were slightly satisfied with the reward for work well done, acknowledgement and appreciation programmes in the school. However nearly two thirds were satisfied by respect from co-workers. The recommendation made included improvement of the pay package for deputy principals, acknowledging them, maintaining security at all times and improvement of transport facilities. The research findings are significant to policy makers such as the Teachers Service Commission (TSC) and Ministry of Education (MOE) in formulation of policies in regard to promotion and remuneration of deputy principals
A Research Project Submitted in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Award of the Degree of Master of Education Administration, School of Education, Kenyatta University, January 2021
Influence, Selected Job Factors, Job Satisfaction, Deputy Principals, Public Secondary Schools, Tana River County, Kenya