Headteacher’s Instructional Supervisiory Pratices Influence on Academic Achievement in Public Primary Schools in Kasarani Sub-County in Nairobi City County, Kenya

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Njogu, David Gakuya
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Kenyatta University
Education is the best tool for reforms in the socio-economic and political arena worldwide. Primary Education makes a strong foundation in education. Learners academic achievement at this level of education is very important.Instructional supervision practices by the head teachers is important in enhancing the academic achievement among learners. Based on this insight, this study aimed at investigating how the head teacher‘s instructional supervisory practices influence the learner‘s academic achievement in public primary schools in Nairobi City County, Kenya. The study was specifically guided by the following objectives: To establish how often head teachers supervise the teachers during their instructional practices, to determine head teacher classroom observation practices on academic achievement of learners in the public primary schools, to appraise the head teachers assessment of teachers‘ professional documents in support of learners academic achievement , to assess head teachers instructional feedback practices in support of academic achievement of learners in the public primary schools. This study was underpinned by Symbolic Interactions theory coined by Blumer (1969). The study adopted the descriptive survey design and used a cross sectional survey method of data collection. The actual data collection was done through the use of interviews and questionnaires. The study targeted primary schools in Kasarani subcounty in Nairobi City County. Eight schools were sampled purposively. The eight head teachers from the sampled schools were selected as respondents of the study. Eighty (80) teachers were selected for the study using random sampling technique. The findings of this study were: that there was inadequate supervisory practice by the head teachers in the classrooms; that most of the head teachers gave feedback after classroom observation, that majority of head teachers checked professional documents without keenness.. The study recommended that: the head teachers be given in-service on their role as instructional supervisors and be helped to embrace the classroom observation practice as an instructional supervisory practice to ensure better academic achievement by the learners; the Quality Assurance and standards and the curriculum support officers should intensify their supervision in the primary schools in order to strengthen quality instructional supervisory practices by the head teachers; the supervisors should ensure that all the required professional documents are accurate before commencement of instructions; the supervisors should improve and give immediate and effective instructional feedback to the teachers. The findings of this study were envisaged to help the education policy makers to come up with policies that would improve instructional supervision. The result of the study could also help in offering in-service courses to both the teachers and head teachers on instruction techniques and classroom management.
A Research Project Submitted in Partial Fulfillment for the Award of Master of Education Degree in Curriculum Development in the School of Education Kenyatta University
Supervisory Pratices, Academic Achievement, Public Primary Schools, Kasarani Sub-County, Nairobi City County, Kenya, Primary Education, Academic achievement