Sources of VCT Information and Reasons for Use or Non Use of VCT Services by Young People in Selected Rural Locations in Kenya

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Ireri, Anthony Muriithi
Mathuvi, Philomena
Njagi, Joan
Ngugi, Mathew Piero
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International Journal of Social Science Tomorrow
This study investigated the sources of VCT information and reasons why young people used or failed to use VCT services in selected rural VCT locations. A total of 110 participants (Male= 66; Female= 44), with an average age of 24.9 years (Male=24.9; Female=25.0) were involved. An exploratory descriptive survey design was used. Results indicate that media and friends are the major sources of VCT information, and that majority of the young people made their own decision to seek VCT services. Young people identified quest to know one’s HIV status, Illness, pregnancy and encouragement from friends as major reasons for using VCT. Fear of positive results, lack of youth-friendly services and not feeling at risk were given as the main reasons for not using the existing VCT services. Social support and increased use of internet- based arenas are suggested to help in translating awareness of VCT into action among young people.
VCT information, use, young people, rural VCT locations
Ireri, A. M., Tumuti, D. W., Mathuvi, P. N., Njagi, J. M., Ngugi, M. P., Nyaga, H. G., & Karugu, N. I. (2012). Sources of VCT information and reasons for use or non use of VCT services by young people in selected rural locations in Kenya. Int. Soc. Sci. Tomorrow, 1(2), 1-8.