Factors causing the teacher counsellor to malfunction in giving of guidance and counselling services in Kiambaa Division, Kiambu district, Kenya

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Macharia, J.
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Shortly before independence the Kenya government had realized the importance of vocational guidance for its academicians. Slowly the career guidance developed to what we have today as the guidance and counselling department in schools. Through the raising incidences of strikes, arson and total disregard of life by secondary school students one can tell that there is need to empower those entrusted with counseling services in our schools. The objective of this study was to examine factors that hinder teacher counsellors from giving quality services through the Guidance and Counselling department. The researcher targeted to find out what counselling components a departments has, programmes that had been initiated and which have stalled and lastly what challenges a teacher counselor faces.The population of the study was forty teachers who are involved in giving guidance and counseling services in schools. The sample of study was drawn from ten schools purposively selected. The researcher used a researcher made questionnaire for teachers. An interview schedule was used for the head teachers or deputies. In order to analyze data, the responses from the questionnaire have been presented in tables, frequencies and percentages for comparison. The aim was to provide a quality text of the discrepancies between the researched and the expected frequencies in comparison.
Department of Educational Psychology, 60p. :ill The LB 1027.5.M5 2005
Teacher - counsellor relationship -- Kenya, Counselling in education Kenya