Role of christian religious education in the moral development of secondary school students in Rongai division, Nakuru district Kenya

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Chesaro, D. K.
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Christian Religious Education as a body of knowledge to be learned has been inadequate to lead the learners to deeper commitment in their religious faiths so as to enhance their morals. This realization is what led to the establishment of the Pastoral Programme of Instruction in 1999 through the creation of chaplainry in secondary schools to complement the teachings given in Religious Education. However, since its introduction, the problem of student unrest in our learning institutions has continued to persist. This has made the public [teachers, parents and the Clergy] to question the role of schools and by extension C.R.E. in shaping the moral character of the youth. The purpose of this study therefore, was to investigate the role of C.R.E. in the moral development of secondary school students. The research was conducted in Rongai Division, Nakuru District; and involved 4 Discipline Masters, 4 subject heads of C.R.E. and 91 Students taking C.R.E. in Form Four, from 4 public secondary schools. Data was collected through questionnaires that were administered to the subject heads and students. Interviews were used to collect more information from Discipline Masters. Data was analyzed using descriptive statistics such as frequency distributions and percentages. Qualitative descriptions were also used in the presentation of data. This study established that teachers play a significant role in the shaping the moral character of students through the teaching and learning of CRE and for this reason the ministry of education should continue to train and employ CRE teachers besides training them on guidance and counseling skills. In addition, it was also established that teachers encounter a number of challenges such as negative attitude towards the subject and inadequate administrative support, in inculcating moral values
Department of Educational Management Policy & Curriculum Studies, 70p.The LC 412 .K4C48 2003
Moral education --Kenya --Nakuru District