Relationship between student achievement motivation, students' attitude towards school, parental education and parental involvement with their children's school work among slum children

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Arasa, Josephine Nyaboke
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The purpose of the study were: i. Look at the level of education attained by parents of slum children and parental interest or involvement with their children's schoolwork. ii. To investigate the attitudes towards school held by the subjects and their level of achievement motivation. iii. Find out whether there is any significant correlation among parental level of education parental involvement, students attitudes towards school and students achievement motivation. The sample consisted of 251 standard seven pupils from 4 primary school in the slums of Nairobi. The instruments used for data collection were: i. Thematic Apperception Test (TAT) to provide information on students’ achievement motivation. ii. Likert-type scale to measure students’ attitudes towards school. iii. Questionnaire to measure parental level of education and parental involvement with their children's schoolwork. For data analysis the following techniques were used: - i. Descriptive statistics to describe data. ii. Coefficient contingency to test strength of relationships. iii. Chi square test to test for significance of relationships. iv. Multiple regression analysis to establish contribution made by each variable on the other. The findings of the results indicated that there i. Was no significant relationship between students achievement motivation and a. Students attitudes towards school b. Parents level of education c. Parental involvement with their children’s schoolwork at p < 0.05 level of significance. ii. Was no significant relationship between students' attitudes towards school and a. Parental level of education b. Parental involvement with their children's schoolwork at p< 0.05, level of significance. iii. There is a significant relationship between parental level of involvement and parental level of education at p <0.05 level of significance. It was concluded therefore that parental level of education and parental level of involvement are not related to students' attitudes towards school nor to students' achievement motivation. There is need therefore to investigate the factors that are likely to influence students' attitudes towards school and students' achievement motivation among slum children.
The LB 1065.A7
Achievement motivation//Motivation in education//Education--parental participation