The administrative problems faced by headteachers in Trans Nzoia district in Rift Valley province

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Gichuiri, Eunice W.
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Headteachers play a key role in achievement of educational goals and objectives in a school. The quality of school depends largely in their leadership. The purpose of the study was to find out what problems headteachers faced in performing the six main administrative tasks. The study also sought to establish headteachers' views in three reasons of the problems, ways in which the headteachers cope with the problems and their recommendations on how to overcome the identified problems. A total sample of ten Headteachers from the 60 public secondary schools in Trans Nzoia District was involved in the study. The sample comprises the haedteachers from 2 girls' boarding schools, 2 boys' boarding schools, 2 mixed day schools, and 2 mixed/boarding schools. The tools used for the research were questionnaires and interviews. All the headteachers were given questionnaires and interviewed. The data collected were analysed using tables that showed frequencies and percentages. The major findings of the study were: 1. The majority of the headteachers faced problems in performing all the 6 main tasks of school management. 2.The problems faced by the headteachers cut across all categories of schools. 3. The most problematic tasks for headteachers were finance and business management. The problems experienced here were: a) Lack of funds which led to lack of teaching and learning facilities. b) Poverty due to poor economy which has led to parents' inability to pay fees. 4. Some schools experienced very unique problems e.g. a) Insecurity and tribal clashes especially those bordering West Pokot. b) Poverty and ignorance among the community surrounding the school. c) Communities' hostility to the headteachers who do not come from their own communities. On the basis of the data collected, the researcher recommended that: 1. The government should look for alternative ways e.g. funding the schools other than the parents especially in poverty stricken areas where parents are unable to pay fees. 2. Headship preparation process should focus on the 3 managerial skills, namely, technical , human relations and conceptual. 3. There is need for the government to increase the bursary allocation to schools in order to cater for increasing number of needy students e.g. orphans. 4. The roles of the P.T.A and B.o.G should be clearly spelt. 5. Headteachers should learn how to identify, mobilise financial and material resources for their schools and ensure their full and effective use.
Department of Educational Management Policy & Curriculum Studies, 115p. 2005; The LB 2831.9 .G5
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