Factors constraining management of early childhood education: a case of Nyamarambe Division, Gucha District.

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Nyabuto, S. J.
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This study set out to explore factors constraining to management of early childhood education in Nyamarambe division, Gucha District. The study examined professional qualification of school teachers, support materials, funding and Early Childhood Education curriculum implementation. The target population for the study was ECE stakeholders in Nyamarambe Division who included: parents, children, Pre-school teachers, primary headteachers and Area Education Officer. The selected sample for this research comprised 31 pre-school institutions from which a total of 62 pre-school teachers were interviewed. Pre-schools were selected through stratified random sampling. Observation guide, interview schedule and questionnaires were used as the major tools of data collection. Data were collected through self-administered questionnaires; and interview guides were used to gather information from key informants. Data were analyzed descriptively by use of frequencies and percentages. The coding and tallying of data were manually done. The findings indicate that ECE in the division faces many challenges - viz: underfunding, untrained teachers, lack of physical facilities and inadequate learning and teaching facilities, inadequate syllabus coverage, and inadequate parental support. The study concludes that ECE curriculum is poorly implemented. The study recommends for the overhaul of ECE management with full involvement of central government in order to realize ECE objectives.
Department of Educational Management Policy & Curriculum Studies,71p. :ill The LB 1775.6 .N9 2005
Early childhood educators, Early childhood teachers, Early childhood education