Effects of in-service training on the performance of secondary school teachers in Kiambu West District

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Mshila, Rhoda M.
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Human resource development is key to the success of any organization as the smooth and efficient running of any institution depends on how well emplo;yees are equipped with relevant skills to perform their tasks. A teacher just like any other employee is from time to time developed through in-service training. With the emerging, trends in education in Kenya where the quality of teachers has become increasingly important to the extent of parents rejecting some calibre of teachers, the teacher has to keep abreast with the changes in teaching methodologies and curriculum and hence the, importance of inservice training for teachers. The purpose of this study was to investigate the effects of in-service teacher training on the performance of se,c:pndary school teachers in Kiambu West District. The study sought to establish the contribution of in-service training to a teacher's self development, its contribution in identifying a variety of tasks that a teacher can perform, its effects on transfer and promotion of teachers. The study adopted a descriptive survey design. The target population included all the teachers in this district who have undergone in-service training course, whose number is 1150 as per the records held in the District Education Officer's (DEO 's) office). A total 125 respondents was be .selected out of which 120 responded by filling and returning the questionnaires. The schools used as sample units were systematically selected. Teachers who have had in-service training were purposely selected until the sample size was realized. Data was collected by use of structured questionnaire and was analyzed using Statistical Package for social scientists (SPSS). Descriptive statistics such as means, percentages and proportions have been used to summarize and present the data and frequency distribution tables to compare the frequency of occurrence of categories or values for two or more variabjes.., . The findings of this study revealedthat, in-service training has several positive effects on the performance of secondary teachers 1n Kiambu District and by extension other parts of Kenya. These include: self development of the teachers, gaining of new skills that enables them perform their tasks better andadequate and timely completion of syllabuses. All these effects have a direct input towards better performance of teachers. ~ Therefore in-service training is a very important undertaking in improving the performance of secondary teachers. Despite the limitations the objectives of the study were met.
Accounting and Finance,2004