Diabetes and Blindness in Kenya: A chronic disease of nutrition in transition

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Rombo, G. O.
Muoki, M.
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Objective: To determine the extent of diabetes as a chronic disease in Kenya and relate it to incidences of blindness in the country. Data source: Literature review from archives, hospital records, newspapers, peer reviewed journals and books. Data selection: What do the experts say as reported in the journals and newspapers? Data extraction: Journals, Archives, Ministry of Health, Hospitals, Newspaper reports. Discussion: Healthy lifestyles and diet can help reduce diabetes. People with high risk of developing Type 2 diabetes can reduce their chances of getting the disease by up to 50 per cent if they loose as few as 4kg through exercise, for example. Conclusion: Diabetes is characterized by increased blood glucose concentrations. These are regulated by a loop comprising two components, the insulin-secreting β-cells of the 2 pancreas and the insulin sensitive tissues such as the liver, muscles and adipose tissue which respond to insulin.