Assessment of Creativity and Its Relationship with Gender, Age, and Teaching Experience of Postgraduate Guidance and Counselling Student Teachers: A Case Study of Kenyatta University, Kenya

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Kinai, T. K.
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Creativity is a collection of different abilities such us flexibility, originality and fluency. The purpose of the study was to assess creativity of postgraduate guidance and counselling student teachers and establish whether creativity is influenced by sex, age, and teaching experience. 72 participants (43 females and 29 males) responded to a 9 point creativity assessment self-rating scale, Results showed: ideative flexibility 56.5%; ideative originality 59.47%; ideative fluency 57.4%; creativity 57.79%; creativity motivation 68.81. Findings show self-motivation for creativity. There were no significant sex differences in creativity at 0.05 Ievel. Age range was 25 - 54 years. The findings showed no significant difference in creativity as a result of age at 0.05 level. Despite diverse teaching experiences 4 - 28 years, there was no significant difference in creativity as a result of teaching experience at 0.05 level. Participants' responses showed minimum understanding of the role or divergent thinking in fostering creativity.
Creativity, Gender, Age, Teaching experience, Creativity assessment, Ideative flexibility, Ideative, Originality, Ideative fluency, Creativity motivation, Self-motivation, Divergent thinking
International Conference on New Horizons in Education, Guarda, Portugal, June 8-10 2011