An analysis of zilizopendwa for the development of instructional materials for music education.

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Ondieki, Otoyo Donald
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This research focused on the development of instructional materials for music education from zilizopendwa (early Kenyan popular music of 1945-1975) with the hope of providing a social-cultural education. The study sought to: establish musical and extra-musical contest of zilizopendwa; identify features of zilizopendwa that are pratical for use in education; develop an index of song material; each with derivable music concepts; and generate learning materials from zilizopendwa useable for teaching music concepts and skills. The study population included music teachers, popular musicians and recording from era under study. Purposive and stratified sampling techniques yielded respondents for the study. Data collection instruments included questionnaire, observation and analysis schedules. Qualitative data was analysed through the descriptive method that involved the transcription of songs into staff notations for analysis in reference to musical concepts and translations of texts into English to facilitate understanding of verbal message. The study authenticates the suitability of zilizopendwa in proving materials functional in music education. Through the analysis, an instructional model was created that validates the genre's applicability for music instructions. The study further generated a collection of song material for classroom use. A song index was developed to guide the selection of this song material for the implementation of various segments of the music curriculum. Finally, in light of the study findings, the recommendations made for possible implementations by relevant authorities included the need for: teaching strategies that involve active experiences with the music; socio-cultural sensitive education policies, methodologies, strategies and resources; equipping teachers with contemporary teaching strategies and techniques and the incorporation of more socio-cultural teaching materials and resources in music education.
MT 67.O5