A Comprehensive Review on Status of Solar PV Growth in Uganda

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Mugagga, Reuben Gad
Chamdimba, Hope Baxter Nqcube
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Journal of Energy Research and Reviews
Uganda is faced with a challenge of huge energy deficit just like many other developing countries in Africa. Currently, only 26.7% of the total population has access to electricity. Energy being the life – blood of any growing economy, subsequent endeavors and strategies need to be put in place in order to expand the use of renewable energies for socio-economic development and environmental sustainability. Uganda being endowed with plenty of solar energy resource, its role in achieving national ambitions of Sustainable Energy for All (SE4All) cannot be underestimated. This paper therefore reviews the growth of Solar Photovoltaics (PV) in Uganda that was birthed in the 1980’s and continues to mature steadily today contributing 4.24%(50MW) to the national grid with several un documented off – grid systems. This progress has been realized under different market segments inclusive of the pico and macro solar home systems, Institutional PV, mini-grids, telecommunications and street lighting. Notwithstanding the prevalent challenges, there are numerous existing opportunities for solar PV development consisting of the financial, environmental, Institutional and the socio-economic factors. With more government and different stakeholder engagement however, this growth in the country could be accelerated further as the costs of the technology continue to plummet.
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Solar PV, Uganda, Challenges, Opportunities, Renewable energy
Mugagga, R. G., & Chamdimba, H. B. N. (2019). A comprehensive review on status of solar PV growth in Uganda. Journal of Energy Research and Reviews, 1-14.