Head teachers' and teachers' perceptions regarding staff performance appraisal. A case of secondary schools in Etago Division, South Gucha District( Kenya)

This study was intended to examine the head teachers and teachers' perceptions regarding staff performance appraisal process in the secondary school climate. It sought to find out about the process of staff performance appraisal in secondary schools and the head teachers and teachers perception regarding this practice in education as they appraise or are appraised. This owes to the fact that attitudes are a powerful force in any organization because they determine the aequisition.ofknowledge and skills, and also, how individuals apply the knowledge and techniques. An exploratory approach using descriptive design was adopted to investigate into the problem under study. The sampling unit was Etago Division with 19 public secondary schools. The target population was 19 head teachers and 105 teachers. Stratified sampling and random sampling were employed to select 8 secondary schools, 8 head teachers and 40 teachers. Staff Questionnaire and Interview Guide on Performance Appraisal was prepared for head teachers and teachers. Analytical data was analyzed using a Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS) software and was represented in form of tables, figures and charts while descriptive data was thematical1yanalyzed. The research found out that the practice of staff appraisal in secondary schools in Etago Division did not follow convectional procedures. Areas of focus in appraisal and planning for classroom observation were not done. Teachers hardly endorsed heads teachers report before it was sent to TSC. The TSC delayed in giving feedback to schools and the reports were hardly discussed and utilized, Head teachers and teachers strongly favoured the practice but were not pleased with how it was conducted. It did recommend for the training of Head teachers and teachers in appraisal, provision of appraisal guidelines, establishment of an outreach link between schools and the MOE officials to boost appraisal in schools. It also proposed putting up policy measures in place by the Board of Governors and the MOE to closely monitor appraisal. Public schools are set to serve the needs and desires of people in a more efficient way and to the greatest opportunity, to enable the learner develop into an aU •. round-citizen of acceptable societal mores. The weaknesses established above are a hindrance to this goal.