Performance of Six Bivoltine Bombyx mori (Lepidoptera: Bombycidae) Silkworm Strains in Kenya

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Nguku, E.K.
Adolkar, V.V.
Raina, S.K.
Mburugu, K.G.
Mugenda, O.M.
Kimbu, D.M.
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The Open Entomology Journal,
The economic and field performance of six Bombyx mori Linnaeus bivoltine strains were evaluated, namely ICIPE I, Chun-Lei X ZhengZhu (C X Z), QuiFeng X BaiYu (Q X B), Quingsong X Haoyoe (Q X H), Suju X Minghu (S X M) and 75xin X 7532 (75xin). Performance was based on larval, cocoon, pupa and shell weights, relationship of food consumption to larval weight, cocoon weight and shell weight. ICIPE I recorded the shortest larval development period in Location 1 (S1) during the short rains (SR) (26.53 + 5.05 days) and it was significantly shorter compared to that of the` other strains. It also had the highest cocoon shell weight (CSW) in location 1 (S1) and location 2 S2), 0.38 and 0.36gms respectively. ICIPE I and C X Z strains gave better performance for the parameters evaluated and are most suitable for the Kenyan conditions
A Research Article in the Open Entomology Journal
Silkworm (Bombyx mori), Larval duration, Larval weight, Cocoon weight, Pupa weight, Shell weight.
K Nguku, E., V Adolkar, V., K Raina, S., G Mburugu, K., M Mugenda, O., & M Kimbu, D. (2009). Performance of six bivoltine Bombyx mori (Lepidoptera: Bombycidae) silkworm strains in Kenya. The Open Entomology Journal, 3(1).