Rehabilitation and reintegration of prisoners: a case study of Nairobi West and Langata Women's Prisons in Nairobi, Kenya

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Agaya, Christine Juma
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The study examined the appropriateness of the prisoner rehabilitation methods used in the correctional facilities and eventually reintegration of these prisoners into the society. Reviews of relevant literature indicated that most research had concentrated on understanding the rehabilitation and the release of the prisoner back to the society. The objective of this study was to look at the existing prisoner rehabilitation methods and reintegration into the Kenyan the society. The methods used in data collection included questionnaires, interview and secondary data from related literature. Stratified sampling was used and a stratum of prisoners serving three years and above sentence was randomly chosen. The warders and key informants interviewed were randomly chosen from those found on site at the time of data collection giving a sample size of one hundred and eighty respondents. The SPSS computer package was used to analyze the data after coding it and the finding presented using both descriptive and inferential statistics.
Department of Educational Foundation, 93p.:ill. The HV 9420.5.A43 2005
Criminals--Rehabilitation--Kenya--Nairobi West Women's prison, Criminals--rehabilitation--Kenya--Langata women's prison