An Investigation into Factors That Lead To Frustration and Aggressive Behaviour among Children in Selected Rehabilitation Centers of Nairobi

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Osii, Margaret Akinyi O.
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Kenyatta University
This study is an investigation into factors that contributes to frustration and aggressive behavior among children in selected rehabilitation centers/schools, of fonner street children in Nairobi. The study addressed the problem of street children in Nairobi. There are several rehabilitation centers for former street children, aid orphans and adolescence, delinquents that are charged with rehabilitating these children into respectable, productive citizens. Unfortunately they don't seem to be yielding much success as many of these children still maintain undesired social behaviors in and out of the rehabilitation centers/schools. Relevant literature review was obtained concerning learning theories and aggression. From the existing literature it was revealed that early interpersonal experiences within the family plays a decisive role in the psychosocial development of a child. Three rehabilitation schools/center from Nairobi province were selected to participate in the study. Questionnaire, interviews and observational schedule were used to collect data Responses from the instrument were collected and analyzed to provide data that helped ans-werthe questions raised by the researcher. The study found out that: • Parents play an important role in the child's behavioral development • That the family and the environment serve as primary socialization system for inculcating beliefs and behavior patterns in a child. The study recommends that emphasis be made for parents, teachers and other stake holders to unite in assisting the children from rehabilitatio schools/centers to change their behaviors by seeking to communicate to them, accepting them the way they are and developing a bond of trust with them.
A Project Submitted in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirement for the Degree of Masters Education in Kenyatta University, 2005