The effects of subsidized day secondary education on students enrollment and retention in Kuresoi sub county, Kenya.

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Rutoh, Kiptoo Simon Samuel
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This proposal is aimed at investigating the effects of Subsidized Day Secondary Education on enrollment of students in Kuresoi Sub county. The study will assess the adequacy of these funds to schools, determine the influence of SDSE on enrollment and retention of students in public Day secondary schools. Finally, the study will explore challenges facing the implementation of SDSE in relation to students' enrollment and retention in public day secondary schools in Kuresoi Subcounty. The study assumes that all schools benefit from SDSE and that all students are aware of it. The study limits itself in Kuresoi Sub county public day secondary schools. This study is significant because the introduction of SDSE was a political pledge during 2007 campaigns and thus will shed light on future policies regarding SDSE. The study will be guided by Problem Solving Theory of Dewey (191 O).The research design to be used will be descriptive survey design targeting a population of 360 teachers, 35principals 6340 students 4 AEOS and one DEO. The study will employ stratified sampling to get 8 schools; from each school 10 students will be selected at random from each class, 4class teachers and principal. Four AEOS and one DEO shall be purposively selected This gives a total of 365 subjects for the proposed study which represent 5.42% .Data shall be collected using questionnaires and interview schedules. Data shall then be analyzed by employing thematic analysis to obtain qualitative data.